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BlackArtSociety (BASO)


It’s not a “What?” it’s a “Who?” BAS Community is group of individuals who, most of all love the culture & heritage of Afro–Ethnic Art. BAS Community is the Heart & Soul of BlackArtSociety.

We seek truth, and envision a world that celebrates the wealth and beauty of an Afro-Ethnic Culture that has inspired all of mankind since Adam & Eve.  We believe that all creation is beautiful and is worthy to be praised.
Our mission is for BlackArtSociety.org to provide the right tools for our members to share and inspire everyone, artists and non-artists alike.

What do you unlock with a free membership?

You can create private groups. Upload & Share artworks of all kinds (music files, images, video). Take a quick art course by one our art master artists or apply, teach, and make money! Create your own private pages or share with the public it’s up to you!

So Hangout with us in our bas studio… sign in or apply for membership.  By signing up, you agree to our

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